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I don’t wanna be buried, in a Pet Semetary…

1. The Ramones are excellent.

2. So are these cupcakes

3. I hope you enjoy literary references and B-rated horror movies.

These are vegan chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate “dirt” icing and fondant and candy decorations. I am not sure why the candy store had brain gummies in July, but I am very glad they did. The “blood” is the same mixture as the toxic tentacle slime: water, icing sugar & food colouring. This works well for any transparent glaze/goo and if you need to be opaque or milky you can experiment with varying the amount of water vs. (almond/soy) milk.
We wrote on the gravestones with food colouring mixed with a little bit of water and applied with toothpicks or a very tiny brush.

If you need dirt for any of your cakes, make chocolate buttercream or swiss meringue buttercream, but make it slightly drier if you can, or even let it sit out for just long enough to get a little bit crusty (or use a hair-dryer on cool perhaps?), and mix in crumbled chocolate wafers.

Hiding small amounts of jam in things is an excellent sort of way to give your cake some “guts”.


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