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Mousse au Chocolate

I adore chocolate mousse in part because it amazingly rich and delicious, and in part because it can be very fancy with minimal effort. It’s deceptively simple to make. I present, for your consideration, one French version and one Vegan version.

Premierement, la recette from my cooking class in France, in which I apparently took notes in in a delightful mix of languages (by delightful I mean “atrociously sad for someone who lived there for for a few months”). I suggest taunting people in a strong french accent whilst making this, and yelling “fetchez la vache!” if someone disrupts you whilst melting the chocolate. Do not, under any circumstances, get water into the chocolate or I shall taunt you a second time.

Mousse au Chocolat

125g of dark chocolate

1 tbsp of beurre

4 oeufs

Un peu de sel

1. Break le chocolat into morceaux et melt it in a pan over low heat avec le beurre  Use a double-boiler (I use a small pot inside a larger pot that is 1/2 filled with water) if possible.

2. Separate the whites and yolks of les oeufs, putting the whites in your mixing bowl, and the yolks off to the side

3. Fold the yolks into the chocolate mixture

4. Add a pinch of sel to the egg whites and beat them till firm. They should be stiff and peaky.

5. Mix the whites and and chocolate together

6. Put in the fridge to cool for 2 to 3 hours before serving

I poured mine into silicone heart-shaped cupcakes holds and garnished them with whipped cream, shaved chocolate and fresh raspberries and strawberries.

If you are wondering what on earth I was suggesting earlier, please rectify your life by watching this movie.

Also: Chocolate Mousse can be vegan!

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, has an amazing recipe that even the people in your life who think vegetarians can eat lardons will enjoy it. You should just buy her book, it is amazing,

Essentially you blend together a pack of mori-nu silken firm tofu, 2 tbsp of maple syrup, vanilla extract and optional other flavourings until it it is smooth. Then, you melt about as much chocolate (in tiny pieces) as tofu (2 cups? I’m not sure), wait for it to cool about 5 minutes, and then blend everything together. Pour it into a bowl and let set in the refrigerator for a few hours. It is excellent both by itself and as icing for cake. It is of course only vegan if your chocolate doesn’t have “modified milk ingredients” but I’m going to assume if you’re a strict vegan you can find vegan chocolate. Even if you’re not vegan you should try this recipe because it delicious, as well as slightly richer and heavier than normal mousse.


One comment on “Mousse au Chocolate

  1. This is a fab post, thanks for the idea. the mousse looks gorgeous and I bet it tastes amazing. We have been getting excited about easter and we love everything to do with baking. You might like our recipe for a bit of a traditional English roast lamb lovely for a Easter lunch.

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