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Warp speed into deliciousness!

Star Trek cupcakes! Science, Command, Engineering and Medical if you feel enterprising enough to make the full crew…

We made chocolate cupcakes for these, but you could obviously make whatever kind you like. Pretend you are sitting in the Bridge commanding your starship whilst they bake.

Next, make swiss meringue buttercream icing. I use this version by Sweetapolita because it is easy and excellent.

Reserve a small amount, and divide the rest into 3 even batches and colour them red, blue and yellow (make your yellow slightly lighter thank you think it should be, and keep in mind that all of the icing colours do tend to deepen a bit with time).

Evenly pat the icing onto your cupcakes and refrigerate.

Dye most of the part you reserved an gold-yellow colour deeper than the Command cupcake colour, and dye the rest of black for the insignia detail.

Remove the cupcakes – swiss meringue buttercream icing (SMB) is very temperature dependent. Once it’s a little colder it won’t stick to your hands as much, so you can pat and smooth it down to get an even surface without resorting to rolled fondant. Fondant is incredible for decorating, but it doesn’t taste amazing.

Next, pipe on your gold-yellow insignia shapes and mold them into shape with your fingers. Now for the final touches! Pipe the black details on – crosses for Medical, the circle-thing for Science, as star for Command and the spiral thing for Engineering.

We hid jam and an extra brain gummy underneath the icing of the red shirts…..because we all know they’ll get eaten first.

We also had extra black, so we made an outer space cupcake!

Live Long and Prosper


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