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Reese’s Cup-inspired Cake

So, awhile ago on reddit.com (a site to which I lose altogether too much time) I saw this post and was inspired and encouraged to make my own version of this cake.

I used Sweetapolita’s excellent recipe for the chocolate cake, and baked each layer in its own 8″ springform pan.
While they were baking, I used reddit user jillbobaggins’ recipe for the peanut butter filling, and I must say it worked out admirably.
I also made ganache (my “recipe” for ganache is basically estimate how much chocolate you need, melt it in a double-boiler (a pot inside another water-filled pot) and slowly add cream till it has the appropriate consistency for whatever it’s being used for, let cool). The vast majority of the time this method is effective.

Once all of the elements were prepared and cooled, I took the bottom layer of cake, still in its spring form pan, and poured a thin layer of ganache on top, follower by all of the peanut butter filling, another layer of ganache, the other layer of cake, and finally chocolate swiss meringue buttercream icing.

Needless to say, it was quite rich. It’s not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made, but I think it more than made up for that in deliciousness. It may not look like a Reese’s Cup but it is certainly reminiscent of one. It was enthusiastically & well received by everyone who tried it.


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