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Painting the Roses Red: Bloodied Rose Cupcakes

A simple chocolate cupcake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream icing.
This was my second attempt at making roses with icing. It’s actually really simple, if a little tricky to get to be perfectly neat. Use a large star tip, and begin icing in the middle, then carefully spiral outwards, holding the bag upright and under even pressure the entire time.

To create the pink (it was supposed to be red, the food colouring did not cooperate) take about 1/3 of your icing and dye it whatever colour you wish. Carefully use a flexible spatula or spoon to spread it around the outside of the bag, and then fill it with your other colour. Theoretically you will have lovely coloured edges.

You can also do this with saran wrap; there’s an excellent tutorial here.

I wish I could have made this batch a little neater, but it just means I need to practice by making more cupcakes in the future! What a travesty…


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