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If you are reading I shall assume that you have at least a passing interesting in culinary confections and adventures. Unsurprisingly (I hope), I too am fond of such things. This blog shall chronicle select kitchen exploits of mine as I attempt to increase my ability to produce things that are delicious and aesthetically pleasing. It may perhaps include other things as I see fit.
I will most of the time attempt to include the full recipe and its source, but (particularly for things I made before the creation of this blog) I may also just post pictures.

If you are particularly nice and bribe me with a time machine and/or sparkly dice sets and/or a spaceship I may locate and post these old recipes.

At the moment this is mostly a space to share my creations with friends & family, but my goal is to write increasingly better posts with complete recipes and well-photographed food.


Let me know what you think!

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