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An Ancient Tome of Cake

One of my favourite creations to date!

One of my coworkers had a significant birthday coming up and I happily volunteered to make his cake.

I made two layers of dark chocolate cake based on this amazing recipe from Sweetapolita, and  I also followed her recipe for Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing. It is fantastic. I used to use the one in the Joy of Cooking, but her explanation of swiss meringue buttercream icing made it significantly less daunting to create. Now that I feel comfortable with it, I shall never go back to regular buttercream. Meringue buttercream icings have a wonderful rich, light volume without any cloying sweetness or the feeling that you’re eating sugar and solid fat.

I covered it in fondant that I left white and scored for the pages, and coloured/flavoured chocolate for the cover. I also rubbed the cover down with cocoa powder to try and make it look more leathery-y. The binding and text are made from fondant and gold paint (mix edible glitter with vodka, paint quickly before the alcohol evaporates).

The delicious innards…


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